Forbidden transitions (E2, M1 and M2) in Mg-like gold

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Gülay Günday Konan
Leyla Özdemir


In this work, forbidden transition (E2, M1 and M2) parameters were investigated. These include wavelengths, weighted oscillator
strengths and transition probabilities for Mg-like Au (Au67+). Investigations were carried out using the AUTOSTRUCTURE
atomic code developed by Badnell [7]. Quantum electrodynamics (QED) and relativistic eects (Breit) calculations were carried
out. Correlation eects were also considered. The results obtained have been compared with existing literature and show
a good match

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Konan, G. G., & Özdemir, L. (2019). Forbidden transitions (E2, M1 and M2) in Mg-like gold. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 14(2), 58–61. Retrieved from
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