NIR emission of Nd3+-doped sodium barium borate oxyfluoride glasses for 1.07 m laser materials

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Piyachat Meejitpaisan
Khwanporn Phothong
Jakrapong Kaewkhao


Glass samples with varying concentrations of Nd2O3 were prepared by using the melt-quenching technique. The absorption spectra and the NIR emission spectra of Nd3+-doped sodium barium borate oxyfluoride glasses were investigated in order to understand the eect of dierent Nd2O3 concentrations. The absorption spectra exhibited eight peaks in the visible light range and three peaks in NIR range. All of transition peaks were found to start from a transition ground state of 4I9/2 and move to excited states. The transition of 4G5/2+2G7/2 gave the largest peak when compared to the other transition peaks that were observed. The absorbance of the glass samples was seen to increase as a function of Nd2O3 concentration. The emission spectra were found at wavelengths of 1071 nm (4F3/2gif.latex?\to4I11/2) and 1343 (4F3/2gif.latex?\to4I13/2) nm. The transition 4F3/2gif.latex?\to4I11/2 shows that the material has great potential for use as a laser material as it has a wavelength of 1071 nm. The emission intensity was seen to increase with Nd2O3 concentration up to 0.50 mol%. Increasing the concentration beyond this point led to a fall in emission intensity. It was thought that this was due to the concentration quenching eect.

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Meejitpaisan, P., Phothong, K., & Kaewkhao, J. (2019). NIR emission of Nd3+-doped sodium barium borate oxyfluoride glasses for 1.07 m laser materials. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 14(3), 54–59. Retrieved from
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