Social, religious, recreational and medicinal usage of cannabis in India and Thailand

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Sayam Aroonsrimorakot
Meena Laiphrakpam
Orapun Metadilogkul


Cannabis usage is controversial both in India and Thailand. Cannabis has a history of social, religious, recreational and medicinal usage dating back centuries. This article, based on literature review, focuses on the history of cannabis usage in India and Thailand in order to highlight the importance of more research regarding the medicinal use of cannabis in oncology in different countries as India and Thailand. As more countries approve cannabis use for therapeutic uses, physicians need to research more information regarding the risks and benefits of use. Hence the present article reviews the history, the importance of cannabis usage in different societies from the past to the present. There is difference in the form of cannabis usage between India and Thailand in the past as it was used for social, religious and medicinal purpose in traditional India. On the other hand, in Thailand, it was used mostly for recreational culture and industrial purpose. One similarity of the two countries at present is in the medicinal usage. Both countries are trying to legalize the use of cannabis for medical research and medicinal purposes. On the whole, more research should be done with the legalization of cannabis usage for therapeutic purposes and research in medical science.

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Aroonsrimorakot, S., Laiphrakpam, M., & Metadilogkul, O. (2019). Social, religious, recreational and medicinal usage of cannabis in India and Thailand. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 14(4), 43–50. Retrieved from
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