Interfacial improvement of hole transporting layer using graphene quantum dots for effciency enhancement of organic photovoltaics

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Saisunee Phattum
Pichitchai Pimpang
Sawitree Wongrerkdee
Khathawut Lohawet
Anusit Kaewprajak
Pisist Kumnorkaew
Supphadate Sujinnapram
Sasimonton Moungsrijun
Sucheewan Krobthong
Sutthipoj Wongrerkdee


Graphene quantum dots (GQDs)/PEDOT:PSS films exhibit the improved interfacial contact with substrate encouraging better charger transport in organic photovoltaics (OPVs). The GQDs/PEDOT:PSS films were successfully prepared by mixing of GQDs and PEDOT:PSS under sonication. The mixtures were deposited on SnO2:F (FTO) substrate using a convective deposition system and characterized. Optical transmittance of the GQDs/PEDOT:PSS films reveals higher average value than that of the PEDOT:PSS films. Surface contact angles display similar decreasing trends for all films. For OPVs fabrication, GQDs/PEDOT:PSS films were used as a hole transporting layer in the OPV device. Power conversion effciency (PCE) is enhanced to the maximum value of 1.71% for the GQDs/PEDOT:PSS film-based in comparison to the PEDOT:PSS film-based (1.14%). The enhancement is dominating correlation to the improved short-circuit current density and fill factor due to the high transmittance and the improved interfacial contact, respectively. GQDs are not only improving interfacial contact on the FTO substrate but also full-filling coverage over the substrate. Therefore, GQDs are demonstrated as a potential additive material for PCE enhancement of OPVs.

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Phattum, S., Pimpang, P., Wongrerkdee, S., Lohawet, K., Kaewprajak, A., Kumnorkaew, P., Sujinnapram, S., Moungsrijun, S., Krobthong, S., & Wongrerkdee, S. (2019). Interfacial improvement of hole transporting layer using graphene quantum dots for effciency enhancement of organic photovoltaics. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 14(6), 57–61. Retrieved from
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