Risk factors causing sexual crimes

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Sukhuma Aroonjit


This paper is about sexual crimes which are considered one of severe social problems that has a serious impact against the society, and there should be a study to find prevention methods urgently. The purpose of this study aimed to study the risk factors causing sexual crimes according to Crime Triangle Theory and Sexual Crime Prevention Methods. As the result, it was found out that risk factors causing sexual crimes could be categorized into 3 elements; perpetrator, victim and opportunities. However, the element causing the most sexual crimes in this study was opportunity; i.e., factors of being a close acquaintance, factors of scene which are often isolated areas, and factors of time which often occur at night to late night. Followed by an element of perpetrators which is caused by factors that perpetrators often use drugs. The suggestions for preventing sexual crimes are as follows. Relevant agencies must encourage people to have knowledge of self-defense skills. Family institutions
and educational institutions must provide knowledge about sexual crime prevention and should include knowledge about sexual crimes in the educational curriculum. There should be more measures to monitor the safety of all areas. As well as the community participation on crime prevention, the media must have responsibility towards the society in presenting various media, media control, and the operational integration of all sectors.

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