Effects of sugar and coconut milk addition on freeze-thaw stability of starches: comparison of slow and fast frozen methods

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Aumaporn Arlai


This research aimed to evaluate the effect of water, sucrose and coconut milk on starches processed by fast and slow frozen methods and subjected to repeat freezing and thawing. The rice, tapioca and blend starch gels contain water, 45oBx of sucrose and coconut milk were treated to 5 freeze-thaw cycles. The result showed that the fast freezing inhibited syneresis better than slow freezing. The repeated freezing and thawing found the liquid was separated from starch gel. The percentage of syneresis was lower in sucrose (7.04 – 22.73%) and coconut milk (12.9 – 36.00%) addition to starch gel samples than non-addition (26.18 – 53.50%). Starch gels which were subjected to 5 cycles freeze-thaw stability found to have small porous and some fissure structure in sucrose and coconut milk added. These results suggest that retrogradation induced by freeze-thaw treatment was retarded by sucrose, coconut milk and added tapioca starch to rice starch. 

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