A process of promoting the publication of research in academic journals among the Faculty of Nursing

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Hathaichanok Buajaroen
Darin Photangtham
Montrira Wutipong
Warangkana Saisit


This research and development were conducted to promote the publication of research in academic journals of the Faculty of Nursing in 2019. The research process was divided up into three parts: the current situation, the developmental process and promotion of the research publications of the Faculty of Nursing, and the responses to this research upon national publication. There were 50 key participants, including the administrator and faculty members from the Faculty of Nursing, educational and health experts, the head nurse, and registered nurses. The research was conducted with quantitative and qualitative methods. All quantitative results were reviewed by the educational and health experts for a consistency of 0.76. The reliability of the results was measured using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of 0.8. The qualitative method used was data analysis; the percentage frequency, mean, and standard deviation were observed and interpreted.

The results indicated that the research publications in academic journals from the Faculty of Nursing of Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University exceeded the standard rates by 103.29%. During the process of promoting the research publications, the researchers have allowed to exchange ideas and discussions with registered nurses. It has also resulted in 13 total research publications of national and international caliber. These successes can be attributed to three main causes: using networking as a means to learn and implement nursing techniques, encouraging good budgetary management and efficiently delivering the research publications, and verifying information with experts in the field for accurate presentation of research findings upon publication.

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Buajaroen, H., Photangtham, D. ., Wutipong, M. ., & Saisit, W. . (2021). A process of promoting the publication of research in academic journals among the Faculty of Nursing. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 16(6), 6–12. Retrieved from https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jtir/article/view/244649
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