Correlation of Biosocial Factors and Health Literacy with Competency ofOlder Adults on Management and Health Promotion for Older Adults inUrban Communities, Bangkok Metropolis

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Benyapa Muksiritipanun
Theerapon Phungdee
Duangrat Kaveenuntachai
Khemika Rojtangkom


This cross-sectional descriptive-correlational design aimed to examine the associations between biosocial factors, health literacy, and the potential of older adults on management and health promotion for older adults in urban communities, Bangkok Metropolis. The sample group consisted of older adults in urban communities in Bangkok Metropolis and recruited with stratified random sampling by the population ratio of older adults in each community with a total of 196 participants. Research instruments were employed for data collection, including a demographic questionnaire, a self-assessment of health literacy questionnaire, and a self-assessment questionnaire of the potential of older adults. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation coefficient.

The findings revealed that an education level factor and a chronic disease factor were correlated with the potential for the overall management and health promotion (r =.273, p < 0.001; r =.226, p <0.001, respectively) with a statistical significance level of .01. Moreover, the health literacy factor, including the access to the health information and service, the knowledge and understanding of the health of older adults, the health information communication of older adults, the ability to choose the appropriate guidelines, and the appropriate health management correlated with the potential on overall management and health promotion (r = .456, p <0.001; r = .632, p <0.001; r = .587, p <0.001; r = .576, p <0.001; r = .620, p <0.001; r = .425, p <0.001, respectively) with a statistical significance level of .01.

In conclusion, the biosocial factors, namely the education level factor, the chronic disease factor, and the health literacy factor, correlated with the potential of older adults for management and health promotion.

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Muksiritipanun, B., Phungdee, T., Kaveenuntachai, D., & Rojtangkom, K. (2022). Correlation of Biosocial Factors and Health Literacy with Competency ofOlder Adults on Management and Health Promotion for Older Adults inUrban Communities, Bangkok Metropolis. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 17(6), 29–34. Retrieved from
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