Effects of Family Participation Enhancing Program on Health Behaviors of Muslim Elderly with Hypertension in Thung Yang Daeng District in Pattani Province

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Niimron Doloh
Ratchada Boonkaew
Vichit Rangpan


The quasi-experimental research aimed to compare health behavior scores and blood pressure values of Muslim older adults with hypertension in the experimental group before and after receiving the program and between those receiving the program and those receiving formal nursing care. Develop a program based on Cohen and Uphoff's contribution concept. The sample group were elderly Muslims with high blood pressure who received outpatient ward, Thung Yang Daeng Hospital, and 60 people, selected by a specific method, divided into a control group and an experimental group of 30 people each. The control group received only formal medical care for eight weeks. The research tools were the Health Behavior Questionnaire and the Family Participation Promotion Program on Health Behaviors of Muslim Elderly with Hypertension, developed by the researcher, three qualified people. The reliability of the Health Behavior Questionnaire was Cronbach's alpha coefficient of .78. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and t-Test.

The study found that after receiving a program to promote family participation, the experimental group had mean scores of health behaviors (Mean=127.07, S.D.=4.77) than before receiving the program (Mean=62.6, S.D.=3.43) and significantly more than the comparison group (Mean=78.5, S.D.=4.31) <0.001 (p-value <.000). Mean systolic blood pressure and mean diastolic blood pressure after the trial were significantly lower than those before and significantly lower than the comparison group <0.001
(p-value <.000).

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Doloh, N., Boonkaew, R., & Rangpan, V. (2023). Effects of Family Participation Enhancing Program on Health Behaviors of Muslim Elderly with Hypertension in Thung Yang Daeng District in Pattani Province. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 18(6). Retrieved from https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jtir/article/view/250459
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