The Buddhist art in the Buddha’s footprint

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Juan Kongkaew


This article has two objectives, namely: 1) To study the history and importance of the Buddhist art of the Buddha’s footprints and 2) To analyze the reflection of Buddhist art found in the Buddha’s footprints.

From the research, it is found that the Buddha’s footprints as a sculptural object has a long history stemming from the Indian tradition in which feet have been objects to respect. As such, the Buddha’s footprints are usually depicted as a reminder of Lord Buddha and is a religious symbol for worship.

The Buddha’s footprints dating from various periods are delicately engraved with Buddhist symbols such as 108 auspicious signs of the Buddha and often in narrative depicting the Buddha's life scenes, and later the footprints bearing the impressions of the places where the imprint of the Buddha’s footprints is found, as well as the description in literature both in Pali and Thai.

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