Herb-community and a system of self-reliance for primary healthcare

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Nongluck Srikhachonkiat
Thitisak Vejakama


This qualitative study aimed at investigating the background of herb-community called Chiang Mai Phattana Community in Pho Chai District, Roi Et Province and the system of self-reliance concerning primary healthcare in the community. Totally 80 people were selected as a target population in sampling. Observations, interviews, and focus group discussions were chosen as research tools in the study.  The research results have revealed that the community was rich in medicinal plants in the past and nowadays community people keep to conserve them in their patches near their houses.  Moreover, many kinds of herbs are applied systematically as a self-reliance for a primary healthcare.

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Srikhachonkiat, N., & Vejakama, T. (2017). Herb-community and a system of self-reliance for primary healthcare. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 12(1), 31–34. https://doi.org/10.14456/jtir.2017.5
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