Sustainable management for the Nakhon Chai Si Pomelo

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Wanlee Nualhom
Walailuck Amornsiriphong
Jittrapon Soontorn
Pairin Makcharoen
Phiraphath Phansiri


The Nakhon Chai Si Pomelo is the Geographic Indicator (GI) of Nakhon Pathom province, Thailand. Pomeloes first appeared in the province in the mid 19th century. Urban expansion since the early 1960s has caused the loss of agricultural land, resulting in a 50% reduction in pomelo cultivation. In order to preserve the pomelo for the province, the researchers analyzed documents and interviewed government officials and agriculturists. This paper discusses some issues arising from the data, including land inheritance, natural disasters, soil quality, the cultivation period needed, and quality control. The paper suggests ways to preserve the pomelo and disseminate knowledge to the community for its sustainable management.

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Nualhom, W., Amornsiriphong, W., Soontorn, J., Makcharoen, P., & Phansiri, P. (2017). Sustainable management for the Nakhon Chai Si Pomelo. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 12(4), 7–11.
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