Physical and optical properties of Ni2+ ions in borate glass

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Yotsakit Ruangtaweep
Jakrapong Kaewkhao
Sansanee Hansupho
Wimala Huaikrachao


In this research, the effect of nickel ions (Ni2+) on physical and optical properties in borate glasses has been investigated. The glass samples were prepared in composition (40-x)B2O3 : 20Al2O3 : 20CaO : 20Na2O : xNiO (where x = 0.00, 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, and 0.05 mol%) by the normal melt-quenching technique at 1,200 oC for 3 hours in normal atmosphere. The results show that the density, refractive index and molar volume of glass samples are not dependent on NiO concentration. The optical absorption spectra of glass samples were measured by UV-visible spectrophotometer in the wavelength range 300-1100 nm and color coordinate in CIEL*a*b* system. The absorption peaks were observed and located at 430 nm which are attributed to 3A2g(P) → 3T1g(F) and associated to Ni2+ ions that produce the brown color.

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Ruangtaweep, Y., Kaewkhao, J., Hansupho, S., & Huaikrachao, W. (2018). Physical and optical properties of Ni2+ ions in borate glass. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 12(5), 19–22.
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