Knowledge management success factors: Human perspective

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Chokdee Liophanich


The people is an important factor and requires attention in designing a knowledge management (KM) program. However, pressuring workers to participate in a KM program in an organization is not a good idea because knowledge resides with those people. Unless workers cooperate in knowledge sharing, knowledge cannot flow effectively. The study aims to derive a theoretical marketing model designed to manage the people factor that influences workers to participate in a KM program. The paper uses qualitative research with a grounded theory approach. It studies the marketing concept and marketing mix models based on 4Ps, 4Cs, 4Es, SIVA, SAVE and OVER. The comparative analysis of the selected models was done and finally, the SERVE model was derived from the analysis. The model is applicable for planning and designing a strategy for a KM program involving the KM implementer, practitioner, and policy maker.

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Liophanich, C. (2017). Knowledge management success factors: Human perspective. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 12(4), 32–43.
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