Biodiversity of chicken in Yangon Division, Union of Myanmar between November, 2015 and July, 2016

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Amphol Jupamatta
Pramuan Saekwao
Khin Gyee Maung
Myint Myint Sein
Moe Moe Kyaw
Aye Aye Thant
Theingi Soe Myint


                 The biodiversity of chickens in Yangon Division, Union of Myanmar was analyzed in term of their population, production periods, production system, farming location, breeds, varieties of colors, sustainable, and importance value index (IVI). The biodiversity form was used with 898 chickens in Yangon Division that covered north, east, west, and south sides: Hmawbi Town, New Town, HtanTapin Town, and Khawmu Town, respectively. The surveyed points were 5 villages with high chicken population in each town. The result showed that, Yangon Division, chickens were in every production period, chickens were fed in every area of the division, and Hmawbi Town had the biggest population. Most of the chickens were reared in traditional production system. From the sample of 73 adult chickens (29.92% of total adult chickens) was compared by chicken standard figure and standard books. The sample consisted of indigenous breeds as Myanmar native chicken (MNC) and Myanmar Fighting Cocks (MFC) and cross breeds as Layer+MFC crossbred and broiler. The MNC was most commonly found in Hmawbi Town and MFC in New Town. The varieties of plumage colors of chickens were 9 colors. Each town surveyed area had about 6-9 varieties of colors. Chicken in the area was sustainable 50.68 %. The IVI of chickens was, by average, 75.00 out of 300 (25% in proportion). The MNC and MFC were of the highest importance in the area as the breeds aimed for breed development. In conclusion, Yangon Division is the area with high biodiversity of chickens in terms of population, production periods, breeds, varieties of plumage colors, and farming location. MNC and MFC are the most important breeds in this area.

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Jupamatta, A., Saekwao, P., Maung, K. G., Sein, M. M., Kyaw, M. M., Thant, A. A., & Myint, T. S. (2018). Biodiversity of chicken in Yangon Division, Union of Myanmar between November, 2015 and July, 2016. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 13(4), 55–62. Retrieved from
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