A Tensile Behavioural Analysis Incorporating Tensile Extensions and Energy at Break of Agro-Waste Filled Composites for Lightweight Application

doi: 10.14456/mijet.2022.31


  • Oluwaseyi Ayodele Ajibade University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Johnson Olumuyiwa Agunsoye University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Sunday Ayoola Oke University of Lagos, Nigeria


tensile strength, elongation, energy at the break, agro waste


Tensile strength analyses of novel agro-waste-filled composites for lightweight applications are presently indispensable as they aid designers to produce efficient and economic designs. However, existing tensile behavioural reports lack completeness; new composites in hybrid agro-waste fillers involving some selected agro-waste such as orange peels, periwinkle shell, palm kernel shell, coconut shell and eggshell are not captioned in the tensile literature. In this article, an account of the tensile extension and energy at break is given to update the literature on hybrid composites. The comprehensive alternatives in the composite formulations were considered in the experimental test under room temperature and pressure conditions. For many of the tested composites enhancement in the tensile strength was recorded while the energy at break dropped indicating that the composite has less toughness. However, other composites maintained enhanced tensile strength coupled with high toughness property. Overall, the results indicated that hybrid composites are a potential candidate for lightweight applications. The tensile analysis revealed the influence of stress and strain on the material behaviour of the hybrid composite. The usefulness of this work is to assist design engineers to implement efficient and cost-effective designs for a long lifespan of composites.


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Author Biographies

Oluwaseyi Ayodele Ajibade, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Johnson Olumuyiwa Agunsoye, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Sunday Ayoola Oke, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


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