Simulation Modeling to Improve the Efficiency of the Steamed Stuffed Buns Production

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Pensuda Phanritdum


Currently, the enlargement of various types of food businesses has resulted in an increasingly competitive situation. Therefore, most of the related industrial factories have focused on the production quality to be accepted by customers, even a case study of the steamed bun factory. From the preliminary data analysis, it is found that the processing flow of the steamed bun production is still not efficient enough on the limited space. Accordingly, this study focuses on improving the efficiency of  the steamed bun production of the case-study factory by using the principles of problem analysis, work study, and systematic layout planning (SLP). Also, the production simulation is conducted to demonstrate the comparison results between various
options. The results show that the proposed alternative could reduce total moving distance and production time, resulting in increased production rate from 7.73 pieces per minute to 11.04 pieces per minute.

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P. Phanritdum, “Simulation Modeling to Improve the Efficiency of the Steamed Stuffed Buns Production”, sej, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 71–80, Jun. 2020.
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