Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing

  • Siwaporn Klinmalai Thammasat University


The topic of Social Housingbecomes revision again when the Grenfell housing in the UK was fired because of using dangerously combustible cladding. This makes residents who are inattention to indict a model of social housing management, returns to question about the model of investment such as Public-private partnership (PPP) of social housing. The Grenfell Tower can be an apparent case that reflects the public state’s flaws as well as the failure of the private sector. This book focuses on dynamics and ideas that produced multi-story living and drawbacks of the development of social housing through chronological telling. That brings audiences to have a better understanding of the story, cause, consequence of social housing. It reflects the advantages and disadvantages of social housing in terms of the physical environment of living and management and creates empathy on social housing’ objectives to be a good lesson learn for future housing development.


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