Editorial Message

We would like to present, with great pleasure, the journal of BUILT, International Journal of Building, Urban, Interior and Landscape Technology, Volume 14.2019. This online-peer-reviewed International journal is devoted to the multi-perspectives of technological oriented issues. The current issue was envisioned and founded to represent the results of building technology, urban infrastructure & environment as well as urban management. The collection of 8 articles and 2 book reviews could be listed as the following topics:

  • The review article of “Biomimetics in Lightweight Structures: Solution for Sustainable Design”     
  • The article of “Image Perception of Future Tropical Houses in Thailand”
  • The article of “Structural Capacity of Columns using Bamboo Culms from Species in Thailand”  
  • The article of “An Alternative Hotel Pricing Technology: Hedonic Price Model for Pricing Beach Resort Revenue in Thailand”  
  • The article of “The Initial Liveable Rating of Gated Residential Real Estate Designs: An Empirical Survey Based on Data from Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand”  
  • The article of “Spatiotemporal Change for Agricultural Distribution from Local Administrative to Provincial Scales-based Spatial Clustering Analysis”  
  • The article of “Accuracy Enhancement of Consumer-Grade Global Positioning System (GPS) for Photogrammetric and City Mapping Determinations”  
  • The article of “Evaluation of Urban Traffic Congestion Externalities Induced by Chiang Mai Public Transit Systems”  

Book review

The title of “Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing”

The title of “The Beyond Modernist Masters: Contemporary Architecture in Latin America”

Furthermore, the article entitled of “Image Perception of Future Tropical Houses in Thailand” was also reviewed and demonstrated the potential of the implementation of Thai family type in the past 25 years reveal that it has a tendency to change from the past. Generation X and Y groups of people represent important home buyers for the near future. The trends were found in almost all client representatives regardless of any personal factors. It can be concluded that building envelope has more impact on people’s perceptions towards the image of future house and tropical house than personal factors. Furthermore, we could also include 2 book review of “Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing” by Boughton, J. (2018) and “Beyond Modernist Masters: Contemporary Architecture in Latin America” by  Hernandez, J. (2010)  into this current issue.

Finally, this issue would not have been possible without the great support of the editorial board members, and we would like to express our sincere thanks to all of them. We would also like to express our gratitude to all who kindly contributed their papers for this issue and without the continued support and advice from member of our advisory committees and reviewers; we could not maintain the high quality, accuracy and relevance of this publication.

Last but not the least, it is our hope that this fine collection of articles will be a valuable resource for all readers and will stimulate further research into the vibrant area of architectural research of building, urban, interior and landscape environment with the validation of emerging technologies.


Associate Professor Pawinee IAMTRAKUL, Ph.D.


Published: 2019-12-25