Building Reimagined: A Dialogue Between Old and New

  • Nirandorn Tongaroon Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University, 12121, Thailand


Building Reimagined: A Dialogue Between Old and New focuses on the physical increasing of architecture that involves with the circumstances of building transformation or adaptive reuse. It is collected imagination designed intervention that present a new image to the existing building and also bring value added to the architecture as well.  The book is consisted of the introduction of architecture the emergence of modernist architecture movement which the idea of preserving historical building as heritage become more prevalent. The fields of remained, adapted, and transformed are subjected in many case studies and projects. The design process using a variety of approaches with 5 strategies to engaged to the key design of each solution: architecture as furniture, renovation and insertion, structural modification, external juxtaposition, and reconstruction and expansion. The strategies and projects show the idea that dealing with each situation: a conversation between past and present, a balance between memory and imagination, and a dialogue between old and new.


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