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Siriporn Tipkong


Teaching technique is important for helping students’ intention in learning and making instruction more effectively. The students enjoy learning and have knowledge. There are many technique for teaching mathematics such as (1) the introductory lesson technique: telling mathematics history and reviewing students’ background knowledge before starting a new topic. (2) Asking question technique: the teacher’s questions will help students’ thinking impulse and test their understanding and reasoning. (3) Constructed reinforcement technique: the teacher should give students appropriate exercises according to their ability so that they feel successful. (4) Giving example technique: starting from easy example and there are many examples related to real life and the environment. (5) Using learning materials technique: there are learning materials that the teacher made, readymade materials, and technology materials. These will help stimulate students’ interest. (6) Summary lesson technique:  students have to summarize what they learn in each period. They can bring their knowledge in solving problems and further study in higher mathematics.


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