Edge-Odd Graceful Labeling of Graph Obtained from A Vertex Deletion on A Comb Graph

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Siwaporn Saewan
Jitsupa Hnusiri


An edge-odd graceful labeling of a graph gif.latex?G with gif.latex?q edges is a bijection gif.latex?f from the set of edges of the graph to gif.latex?\{1,3,5,\ldots,2q-1\} such that each vertex is assigned the sum of labels of all edges incident to it modulo gif.latex?2q. The resulting vertex labels are distinct. A graph gif.latex?G is called an edge-odd graceful graph if it admits an edge-odd graceful labeling gif.latex?f. In this paper, we show that the new graphs obtained by deleting a pendant vertex of the comb graph are edge-odd graceful graphs.

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Saewan, S., & Hnusiri, J. (2021). Edge-Odd Graceful Labeling of Graph Obtained from A Vertex Deletion on A Comb Graph. Mathematical Journal by The Mathematical Association of Thailand Under The Patronage of His Majesty The King, 66(704), 46–62. Retrieved from https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/MJMATh/article/view/241484
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