Numerical simulation of in vertical agitation turbine blade using the finite element method

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Werayoot - Lahamornchaiyakul


This paper is to study and analyze the vibration of the agitation turbine blade for food industries, particularly in fruit juice industry. The mechanical vibrations will occur during the rotation of agitation turbine blade and will affect to make the errors and damages in the agitation design and test such as resonant problem. This research analyzes the natural frequency and mode shape of agitation turbine blade model with the diameter of 170 and shaft length is 750 millimeters by Finite Element Method using Stress Analysis and Parametric Dimension modules in Autodesk Inventor Professional Version 2014 program. Which the result will be useful against the vibration control of agitation turbine blade in the manufacturing process of fruit juice industry.   

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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