Comparison of permanent magnet generator winding effect by finite element method for micro hydro power

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This research presents a comparative study of the winding of a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) for micro hydro power. A working model of a 200-watt permanent magnet synchronous generator was constructed in the Finite Element Method (FEM) method with the actual test. To determine the type of stator winding in permanent magnet synchronous generators suitable for low-speed water turbines for small dams and low water elevations. As a result of the finite element method and testing, it was found that the whole coiled winding resulted in the generator having more output voltage and efficiency than the half-coiled winding. Because there are major reasons to affect the efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous generators are the pitch and positioning of the stator windings. Fractional pitch winding reduces the harmonic effect on the coil inductance voltage. But it will make the induced voltage is lower compared to the full pitch.

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