Wind resistance test for the adjustable aluminum louvers

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This research is to study and test the capacity of the adjustable mechanism for controlling the blade of aluminum louvers while resisting to the wind pressure. The louvers are controlled by a switch to adjust the blade angle, driven by a DC motor through a transmission system consisting of a worm gear and bevel gear set.  A set of adjustable louver panels, available in sizes 2900 mm of height and 2660 mm of width, are mounted with the ellipse blades with a width of 300 mm.  The test results when applying the wind speed between 6-24 m/s to the louver panel specimen showed that the force resistance at the left position, the middle position and the right position of the louver panel were between 9-188 N, 34-187 N and 12-189 N, respectively. The force acting on the louver when opening the blades at an angle of 30 degree was higher than the closing blades operation. While, the mechanism for adjusting the blade of louver was unable to control in stability when the wind speed more than 9 m/s. The testing of this research can be concluded that the adjustable mechanism for controlling the blade of aluminum louvers could operate for adjusting the louver blade angle and is able to resist the wind pressure in lower speed.

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