H-Beam Steel Detection from Images using YOLOV5 with Transfer Learning Technique

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Thitirat Siriborvornratanakul
Kavinwich Laobandit
Kittipan Pipatsattayanuwong
Krittin Satirapiwong
Eakcharkon -Chokrattanawijitr


Effective warehouse management is very important for running a business. An important step is to check the stock in the warehouse compared to the stock numbers stored in the system. This process requires multiple counting staff to check the stock of all products in the warehouse. It takes a long time to work and is costly and may cause errors in the inspection. Therefore, our research objective is present a model for detecting H-section hot-rolled steel for stock checking. A pre-trained model, YOLOV5m, is chosen and the learned transfer is used which can detect H section steel with precision is 0.992, recall is 0.822 and F1 score is 0.899.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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