Development of Chinese Sausage Product Using Quality Function Deployment

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Kiattiwit Somthong
Nalin Pianthong


This research is aimed to develop the Chinese sausages using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Design of Experiment (DOE). QFD is the tools for analyzing voice of customer. The DOE is use to analyze the ingredient ratio to conform to voice of customer. This research is started by developing the questionnaire for collecting data to QFD phase 1.Extreme Vertices Mixture Design Approach is then used to achieve the suitable ingredient ratio. The result of this study show that QFD and DOE are the effective tools to improve food product and increase the customer satisfaction.

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Somthong, K., & Pianthong, N. (2016). Development of Chinese Sausage Product Using Quality Function Deployment. Thai Industrial Engineering Network Journal, 2(1), 19–26. Retrieved from
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