Improving Ceramic Glaze-Slip Production Process for Floor and Wall Tiles by Problem Solving Methodology

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Teerapan Nokyongtong
Tossapol Kiatcharoenpol
Tritos Laosirihongthong


This independent study has objectives for reducing of grinding time for the ceramic glaze slip. Moreover, we apply utilizing a systematic problem solving concept of Problem solving. Ceramic tile industrials have energy that is determining factor of overhead cost 67.49 kwH average per ton. The scope of study included ball milling process for the glaze and it aimed to find input the factors that can explain result of milling and the % residue. The factor that is to study is ball volume, ball ratio and material load. Then we apply 2K factorial experiment and multi-factors linear regression for analysis to obtain optimal process. The study was able to recommend setting of ball volume at 50%, ball size ratio for 20mm : 25mm : 30mm : 40mm : 50mm are 11 : 26 : 26 : 26 : 11, and material volume 25%. This condition can reduce of grinding time from 12 hours to 9 hours. Finally the result of the energy consumption can reduce 25% and it can keep a quality
of glaze slip. For the conclusion a ball volume, a ball ratio and a material load was a factor for the grinding time.

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Nokyongtong, T., Kiatcharoenpol, T., & Laosirihongthong, T. (2016). Improving Ceramic Glaze-Slip Production Process for Floor and Wall Tiles by Problem Solving Methodology. Thai Industrial Engineering Network Journal, 2(2), 14–20. Retrieved from
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