Reduce Waste in the Production of Banana Stuffed Tamarind of Community Enterprises Group in Phetchabun Province

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suwimon thiakthum
Hathainuch Janchaiyaphum
Tannachart Wantang


This research aims to propose a method to improve the production process of banana stuffed with tamarind. The flow process chart and the cause and effect diagram were used to analyze the cause of the problem in the production process. The analysis discovered that the lack of supporting equipment/machines was the problem that caused the waste of waiting and longer production time. Therefore, the researcher has reduced wastage in the production process by using the ECRS principle (Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, and Simplify) to design and create oil shakers to support the production process. The result indicated that the production process was reduced by 22.22%, from 9 to 7 processes and the production time decreased by 27.21%, from 871 to 364 seconds.

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thiakthum, suwimon, Janchaiyaphum , H., & Wantang, T. . (2022). Reduce Waste in the Production of Banana Stuffed Tamarind of Community Enterprises Group in Phetchabun Province. Thai Industrial Engineering Network Journal, 8(2). Retrieved from
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