Appraisal of SME Casting Industry in Thailand

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Paritud Bhandubanyong
John T. H. Pearce


Cast products form component parts in many manufacturing industries, especially in the automotive sector. To keep pace with the rapid growth of automotive and other manufacturing industries in Thailand the country’s foundry industry has had to develop its production capacity and technical capability at a relatively rapid rate. The Thai-owned SME companies have had to build up their production capabilities without strong back-up experiences and technology. Limited investment, lack of applied R&D, inadequate testing and metrology services, plus a general shortage in engineering skills and overall training have significantly restricted their technical development. Against this background and with particular respect to the automotive SME sector, this short review examines some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Thai Foundry industry and the improvements that need to be made for companies in this sector to survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive quality-driven marketplace.

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Bhandubanyong, P., & Pearce, J. T. H. (2019). Appraisal of SME Casting Industry in Thailand. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (ISJET), 1(1), 1–8. Retrieved from
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