Social implementation of biomass energy for SDGs in East Asia

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Akio Nishijima
Hideo Samura
Tomoko Saiki
Norio Ohto
Paritud Bhandhubanyong


After proposing “Biomass Asia Strategy” and arranging “Biomass Asia Workshop”, we have promoted bilateral collaboration of biomass energy between ASEAN countries and Japan under support of NEDO, JICA and JST. We also discussed region wide collaboration on biomass energy at “International Policy Dialogue”. After Paris Agreement, our “Biomass-Asia Project Team” in the Engineering Academy of Japan made the policy proposal to ASEAN countries (International Collaboration on Biomass Energy). Now we are promoting our e-ASIA project among ASEAN countries and Japan (Feasibility Study on Social Implementation of Bioenergy in East Asia) as international industry-academia-government collaboration.

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Nishijima, A., Samura, H., Saiki, T., Ohto, N., & Bhandhubanyong, P. (2019). Social implementation of biomass energy for SDGs in East Asia. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (ISJET), 2(1), 51–55. Retrieved from
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