Alternative Design for Salad Spinner-Sallatë

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Suchada Rianmora
Dulyawat Padnoi
Tanapoom Rattanopas
Boonyanuch Yantabutr


          In order to develop and improve the salad spinner for everyday use with the least amount of time and skills required, and for a limited storage space, product design and development
(PDD), rapid prototyping (RP) concepts have been applied for creating the guideline of the conceptual model, Sallatë salad spinner. Three alternative designs are suggested based on Kansei Engineer method with questionnaire. Dimensions and physical characteristics of the salad spinner have been created by applying the concept of ergonomics to fit the people who use it. Using this proposed design can help the users to minimize their time spent preparing ingredients with no skills required.

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Rianmora, S., Padnoi, D., Rattanopas, T., & Yantabutr, B. (2019). Alternative Design for Salad Spinner-Sallatë. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (ISJET), 3(2), 1–14. Retrieved from
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