“Keep It Cool” Smart Bag by Internet of Thing (IoT) for Better Living with Alternative Design

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Suchada Rianmora
Sothea Seng


 Nowadays, while the manufacturing world is transformed from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0 that is a concept of digitization, IoT platform has been considered and continuously evaluated to make people feel more comfortable and safer. In this research, “Smart Bag” was used as the case study with IoT platform for easily adjusting the temperature inside the bag by voice and mobile application where the extra function “Lost and Found ” was added into the “Keep it cool” bag platform to identify the location of the bag and stuff inside. The notification for announcing the defective items or failed conditions that occurred can be quickly shown on the screen of the mobile phone. With the assistance of the product design and development (PDD) concept, creating the smart bag prototype requires a shorter time where the customer’s needs can be revealed and translated into engineering design. For the last phase of this research, the performance of the created prototype was presented and discussed.

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