Autonomous Driving Smart Car Based on Deep Learning

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Zihao Nie
Jian Qu


Road tracking as an essential task in autonomous driving is crucial for artificial intelligence. Most research is conducted in virtual environments, but it is vital to conduct practical experiments on real cars. The current researchers use toy cars for road track, but the toy cars can only drive at a fixed speed and a fixed angle for steering, which leads to reproduction errors during the experiment. We built a smart car based on a scale model using Jetson Nano as a mainboard, which can adjust the speed and steering gain to improve road tracking performance and reduce reproduction errors. To analyze the impact of hyperparameters, we conducted experiments on 48 autonomous driving models and proposed optimal hyperparameter configuration schemes, and trained the optimal autonomous driving model BH-ResNet. In addition, we also research the effect of the speed and steering gain on the performance of the smart car and propose an optimal gain value. Moreover, we compare BH-ResNet with other existing models, and BH-ResNet outperforms other models, scoring the highest in both tracks, with 94 and 90. Furthermore, the BH-ResNet model can also achieve road tracks with superior performance in unseen scenes, and our proposed model has excellent applicability and practicality.

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Nie, Z., & Qu, J. (2023). Autonomous Driving Smart Car Based on Deep Learning. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (ISJET), 7(1), 1–24. Retrieved from
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