Time Reduction in Picking the Product a Case Study of Roof Tile Warehouse

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Pakdee Jaisue
Paitoon Siri-O-Ran


The warehouse has a problem with waiting time for picking products. Also, the case study has a problem with finding goods. The stored area of goods has stored at a random location. Operators work redundantly and make it difficult to find products. This paper aims to improve working time by using simulation software. FlexSim simulation software is used to simulate the models and analyze the performance by input data layout with different conditions. Generating 3D models of scenarios for simulation software. In the first scenario, create the random laying goods location model. The data used to be an input based on actual work. In addition, the other two scenarios model solutions to improve search times faster and more conveniently. The result of the simulation is 10039.01 seconds for 5 orders in a random model. Second, the classification model has 9274.78 seconds of time working and is stored together on the same side. Third, the distribution group model stores goods in separate locations. This model has a working time of 8920.49 seconds.

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Jaisue, P., & Siri-O-Ran, P. (2023). Time Reduction in Picking the Product a Case Study of Roof Tile Warehouse. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (ISJET), 7(2), 53–58. Retrieved from https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/isjet/article/view/246315
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