Defect Reduction in Crispy Coconut Rolls Production Process

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Ploypailin Phrikthim
Paitoon Siri-O-Ran


The objective of this research is to reduce the defect in the production process of crispy coconut rolls. By using the quality control tool (QC Tool) to find the cause and improve the quality of the production process. This research has used the Check Sheet to find the point outside the control line by using the waste control chart (P-Chart) and the Pareto diagram to distinguish the importance of sequential problems with Pareto’s 80: 20 laws for selecting the most defects in the out of shape. Will focus on this one type of defect and apply this waste reduction in crispy coconut rolls. The problem was analyzed with a fishbone diagram to set up measures to solve the problem. The improvement result was able to reduce waste caused by the crispy coconut rolls production process from the previous loss of 5,028 kg accounting for 8.6%, decreased to 2,949 kg accounting for3.4%, a decrease from June to November 2021 can reduce waste due to amorphous piece of works by 2,079 kg, representing a percentage of waste that can be reduced by 58.65%, representing an annual loss of 415,734 baht per year.

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Phrikthim, P., & Paitoon Siri-O-Ran. (2023). Defect Reduction in Crispy Coconut Rolls Production Process. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (ISJET), 7(2), 34–41. Retrieved from
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