BUILT is an international peer reviewed journal exclusively devoted to original research in architectural technological applications. The journal welcomes contributors in the field of "Building-", "Urban-" "Interior-" and "Landscape-" environment to showcase the cutting-edge "Technology" in architectural research. The direction and structure of this journal are unique and fit both academic and professional architects needs. Each article will be divided into two main parts including "Theory" and "Applications". The former focuses on theoretical research of authors' expertise, while the latter allows authors to discuss the architectural applications utilized his/her 'practice-oriented' research. This will provide the target audiences, the architects community, the tailored 'scientific' journal papers where architects can contribute and pass their ideas to the fellow architects and as the learning forum for architects to expose to new ideas and knowledge. 

Topics such as the followings are welcome:

- Technology and Application in :Building systems, Interior systems, Urban Planning& design and Landscape 
- Sustainability: Technology and Application 
- Design, Technology and Application for Climate Change Human Comfort: Technology and Application Indoor      Environmental Quality: Technology and Application 

ISSN (Print): 2228-9135

ISSN (On-line): 2228-9194

Published: 2018-09-03