Forms of Odd Prime Numbers p in Legendre Symbol (2 p_1 p_2 /p)

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Apirat Siraworakun


In this research, we study the form of odd prime number gif.latex?p in Legendre Symbol p) where gif.latex?p_1, gif.latex?p_2 are odd prime numbers, gif.latex?p_1&space;\nmid&space;p and gif.latex?p_2&space;\nmid&space;p by using Chinese Remainder Theorem for finding the solutions of system of congruence. We separate this study into 3 cases as the followings.

  1. gif.latex?p_1&space;\equiv&space;1&space;(mod&space;4) and gif.latex?p_1&space;\equiv&space;1&space;(mod&space;4)  

  2. gif.latex?p_1&space;\equiv&space;1&space;(mod&space;4) and gif.latex?p_1&space;\equiv&space;3&space;(mod&space;4) 

  3. gif.latex?p_1&space;\equiv&space;3&space;(mod&space;4) and gif.latex?p_1&space;\equiv&space;3&space;(mod&space;4)  

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Siraworakun, A. (2019). Forms of Odd Prime Numbers p in Legendre Symbol (2 p_1 p_2 /p). Mathematical Journal by The Mathematical Association of Thailand Under The Patronage of His Majesty The King, 64(699), 44–63. Retrieved from
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