Process improvement of work assembly for a brass valve

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Suwimol Jairtalawanich


The purpose of this project is to improve the assembly process of gas brass valve model V6QCC. The problem from the study found that there is the most critical delay 3 process in the total of 24 processes namely assemble check value, assemble gland nut and valve leaked testing process. The method used for this purpose, Two-hand method, is applied in order to improve the efficiency of the line or reducing the time delay in the subsequence process. The delay from the existing method shows that it takes 60 second for 1 set of assembly at a time when comparing to the purposed new design by adding testing equipment from 1 set to 5 sets. The proposed design of testing valve operation are considering the comfortable working manner of operator as well as the distance from the fixing positions to the operator as well. The outcome from the improvement critical 3 processes as a result, the productivity increases by assemble check value process increased productivity of 480 pieces/day or 50%, assemble gland nut process increased productivity of 3,520 pieces/day or 122%, and valve leaked testing process increased productivity of 960 pieces/day or 200%. The reduced assembly time is assemble check value process reduced to 20 seconds/piece (33.33%reduction), assemble gland nut process reduced to 4.5 seconds/piece (55%reduction), and valve leaked testing process reduced to 20 seconds/piece (66.67%reduction). The problem of delay decreased from 85% to 67%, a decrease of 18% and set the standard time for valve assembly, which is 245.83 seconds/piece or 4.10 minutes/piece.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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