Site Selection of a New Airport Construction (the Phayao Airport Case Study) by Focusing on the Rail Transportation System Connection

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Chaiwat Sangsrichan
napon srisakda


Since connecting rail transportation network can support the development of airports by increasing the number of passengers, this research aims to study the results of the site selection of the Phayao Airport construction as the case study by focusing on the connection of the Den Chai - Chiang Rai - Chiang Khong Double Track Project. Multi-attribute decision making and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) was implemented to calculate the importance of weight of factors. Factors affecting site selection were collected from previous studies in different sources in order to cover all issues in this research as much as possible. The results found that the weight values of factors calculated by AHP were different from their values from various sources. The weight value of sub-factor in terms of distance from the main public transport terminal was the highest in the part of engineering factor. Moreover, in case of with the double track project in Phayao province, the results of total scores of site selection in engineering factor increased 9.6%, compared with in case of without the project, because there will be railway stations near the alternative site.

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