Chick counting machine

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Issaraporn Issaraporn Amornsawatwattana
Suparoek Junsupasen
Alongkorn Namahoot


This research paper aims to design and build a chick counting machine instead of manual labor that may cause counting errors due to fatigue. The author used a Jetson Nano Developer Kit 4GB board and installed the Ubuntu operating system, Python, Cuda, YOLO, anddisplayed it on a 7-inch LCD. The authors conducted experiments on real chicks at belt speeds of 0.2 m/s and 0.5 m/s. By counting when one chick was released onto the conveyor, the increased belt speed had no effect on the count. When 2-3 units are released, the higher the belt speed, the greater the counting error. When 5 chicks are released on the conveyor, the higher the speed, the less accurate the counting. In addition, the chicks move on the belt, which makes the counting result more error prone. In particular, the release of chicks at once and the speed of the belt are increased.  The chick counting machine is only a prototype if it is actually used on the farm. It will have to be further developed using a board with a larger processor and higher performance.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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