Selection the suitable material for making base-cutter blades in sugarcane harvester using TOPSIS and ROC method

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Montri Wimol


This research study purposed to select appropriate material for making base-cutter blades in sugarcane harvester using technique for order preference by similarity to an ideal solution (TOPSIS) and rank order centroid (ROC) method. The eight criterions affecting material decision were weighted importance using ROC method, which were 1) modulus of elasticity 2) machinability 3) hardness 4) toughness 5) harden ability 6) wear resistance 7) non-deforming properties 8) cost, respectively. After that materials in the steel group which have suitable properties for making base-cutter blades in sugarcane harvester were considered for alternative decisions. It was found that there were 5 types namely spring steel (AISI 5160), alloy steel (AISI 4140), medium carbon steel (AISI1045), water-hardening tool steel (AISI W1) and high-carbon high-chrome air-hardening steel (AISI D2). Finally, the closeness coefficient was computed to be used to rank alternative decisions with the TOPSIS method. The results showed that high-carbon high-chrome air-hardening steel (AISI D2) was the most suitable material for making base-cutter blades in sugarcane harvester. On the other hand, the other steel was arranged in descending order based on their closeness coefficient value.

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