The Sensitivity Index and the Differential Evolution Technique Applications on the Determination of FACTS Placement

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Bongkoj Sookananta


This paper presents techniques for the determination of FACTS device placement. Two kinds of techniques are presented. The first one is the use of sensitivity index. In this paper, the estimation of network performance index sensitivity with respect to the FACTS parameter is proposed as the calculation technique is improved for easier implementation in practical. The second one is the heuristic optimization technique. The applications of the Differential Evolution (DE) and the Genetic Algorithm (GA) are presented as the application of the DE on the optimal FACTS problem is new and that of the GA is widely used. Therefore, consideration of the GA application in this paper is aimed for performance comparison with the DE and the sensitivity index. All considered techniques are tested and the results show the advantages of the Differential Evolution technique over the other selected techniques. Therefore, it is good alternative for implementation on the determination of FACTS allocation.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)