Plant Layout and Design of Noodle Factory

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Amornrat Pinchaimoon
Kumphol Jinta-amornchai
Natthaphol Sirirak


The aims of this research is to approach on plant layout and warehouse management using ABC analysis of noodle factory. The capacity is 125,000 kilograms per month and according to the increasing of demand, the factory has to expand the production in full capacity which needs to design and improve new factory layout to support production increment. As results of the study in finished goods warehouse, it is found that the loss of finished goods in warehouse is 24 kilograms per mount. The research study carried out an analysis into root cause of the problems trough use a Why Why Analysis. The relationship chart is improved plant layout and the ABC analysis in warehouse. The result is found that plant layout improvement capable to 200,000 kilograms per month on demand an entrepreneur and increase efficiency operations and the finished goods does not loss in warehouse.

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Pinchaimoon, A., Jinta-amornchai, K. ., & Sirirak, N. . . (2021). Plant Layout and Design of Noodle Factory. Thai Industrial Engineering Network Journal, 7(2), 13–20. Retrieved from
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