Personal temperature measuring device with face recognition and automatic recording

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จีรศักดิ์ หมวดโพธิ์กลาง
วัชรพงศ์ เกตุปาน


This paper presents the study and development of a personal temperature measuring device with face recognition and automatic recording. By integrating an infrared temperature sensor, ambient temperature sensor, and distance sensors, the automatic personal temperature measurement equipment is developed and performs the temperature calibration using this automatic human thermometer against a conventional thermometer. The facial recognition system based on python programming is also applied for recording of people receiving temperature measurements. Experimental results show that the temperature measuring device's performance has been improved, which can make accurate temperature measurements. The device has average temperature error of ± 0.3 degrees Celsius and efficiently recognizes faces with an accuracy of 90%.

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หมวดโพธิ์กลาง จ., & เกตุปาน ว. (2020). Personal temperature measuring device with face recognition and automatic recording. NKRAFA JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 16(2), 45–55. Retrieved from
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