Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Quality and Finding the Relationship of Land Use from Groundwater Use in Chon Buri Province.

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Naphat Loungmuang


The objective of this research was to study the spatial distribution of groundwater quality in  Chonburi Province using Geographic Information System and study of relationship between groundwater quality and land use in the study area.182 Groung water well were analyied. The results showed that when sorting the Ground water quality rating (GWQI) from 1-5 or (from very good to very bad water quality). GWQI water quality that was in the excellent quality criteria was ranked The first, with a GWQI less than 50, a total of 92 wells, or a percentage of 50.50 percent of the total collection ponds, and the use of land in the group. U405 Road comes first and the group U201The village comes the second. GWQI values ​​ranged from 50-100, with level 2 being the level of good water quality as a percentage of 42.85% of the total sampled wells. The land use in group A302, rubber plantation area came in first place and the group U201The village comes second. In which both GWQI values ​​are within the criteria that groundwater can be used for consumption.The study found that quality of most groundwater is in the range of GWQI of no more than 100. It was found that the average water quality in Chonburi Province was good.

Keyword: Spatial distribution , Groundwater quality, Chon Buri

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