On the (s,t)-Pell and (s,t)-Pell-Lucas Polynomials

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Somnuk Srisawat
Wanna Sriprad


In this paper, we introduced the generalization of Pell and Pell-Lucas polynomials, which are called  -Pell and - Pell-Lucas polynomials. We also give the Binet formula and the generating function for these polynomials. Finally, we obtain some identities by using the Binet formulas.


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Srisawat S, Sriprad W. On the (s,t)-Pell and (s,t)-Pell-Lucas Polynomials. Prog Appl Sci Tech. [nternet]. 2021Aug.10 [cited 2021Nov.30];11(2):22-5. vailable from: https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/past/article/view/243991
Mathematics and Applied Statistics


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