Image restoration segmentation using watershed method for basic medical applications

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Chuanpit Mungkala
Paiwan Wongsasinchai


In this research, the knowledge of the geography of Thailand and mathematics by applying the knowledge of image processing and image segmentation to apply to basic medical such as photos of different parts of cancer, x-ray images, ultrasound images, or other images. To be used for accurate medical imaging analysis and reducing the initial error diagnosis of doctors which in this research we have applied the knowledge of the watershed method and image segmentation using mathematical morphology the methodology used depends on the watershed dynamics. To avoid over-segmentation, the watershed change is combined with a fast algorithm using the contour configuration method. Thresholding active contours and differential operators do well in the segmentation of isolated regions, while regional growth has a greater advantage, yielding good results. and there are numerical tests that have demonstrated the effectiveness of our method for segmenting images.


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Mathematics and Applied Statistics


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