On the Diophantine Equation 2/x+3/y+4/z=1/2

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Kulprapa Srimud
Nonthiya Makate
Tawan Ampawa
Tadbun Jantree


In this paper, we find all solutions of the Diophantine equation  gif.latex?\frac{2}{x}+\frac{3}{y}+\frac{4}{z}=\frac{1}{2}  where  gif.latex?x , gif.latex?y and  gif.latex?z are positive integers.


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Srimud K, Makate N, Ampawa T, Jantree T. On the Diophantine Equation 2/x+3/y+4/z=1/2. Prog Appl Sci Tech. [Internet]. 2022 Apr. 22 [cited 2022 Aug. 19];12(1):11-6. Available from: https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/past/article/view/246172
Mathematics and Applied Statistics


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