The Study of Physical Properties of Banana Leaf-Pattern Fabric from Banana Fibers Mixed with Eri Silk

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Chanakarn Ruangnarong
Supanicha Sriworadechpaisal


This research aimed to study physical properties of banana leaf-patterned fabric made of number 20 Ne and 3 Ne natural yarns prepared from cotton, banana fibers and Eri silk with the designated ratio of 80:10:10. The experimental yarns were used as weft for the designated woven fabric, in which the fabric pattern was designed to represent leaf pattern on banana leaves referring to organic origin and unique characteristics of nature ; the parallel lines symbolizing the distinctive texture of banana leaves were created by yarns of different sizes. Upon testing the physical properties of the woven fabric, this research showed that the banana leaf-patterned fabric made of yarns from cotton, blended with banana fibers and Eri silk has quite less thread count in both warp and weft per square inch. Due to large size of the yarn, the fabric structure has moderately open spaces between yarns, allowing exceptionally good flow of air. Also, the fabric is proved to be strong and have high tensile strength in both warp and weft floats and the dimensional change in the shrink after washing and drying was less than that of the warp yarn.


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